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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why did you do that?
Answer: Think of it as an induction (which, I might add, you passed).
It is also a reminder that with all the contests on this site, ultimately, there is an end. No contests are released unless they are complete. More importantly, just like all of the puzzles on this site, you should take nothing for granted!
Question: Have you restricted the username length?
Answer: Yes. The maximum length of a username is 15 characters.
The main reasons for this are: to protect the layout of the forums; to allow more flexibility in the design of various screens (such as the statistics pages); and to minimise the number of users who chose a username which they later regret when they realise that the menu on the left expands to fit it!
Question: How much does it cost to play?
Answer: Nothing... yet!
Hopefully this site will remain free of membership fees, adverts and pop-ups for as long as it remains viable. Donations are a good way to ensure that it does.
Question: So, just what sort of puzzles are they?
Answer: Although they vary greatly, all the puzzles will be based around logic and not too dissimilar to those found on other puzzle sites. Occasionally a little specialist knowledge may be required but only where it is readily available via a search engine. More details are provided in the "notice board" section of the forum.
Question: I think I have the right answer, but it's not accepting it?
Answer: The chances are you don't!
Each puzzle is capable of accepting several variations of an answer, and we try to ensure that all possible variations are included. Furthermore, unless it is part of the puzzle, case-sensitivity, punctuation and leading-articles are normally optional.
Question: I have finished all of the available contests, will there be any more?
Answer: Yes.
Contests are being written and playtested as you read this. The dates of new contests will normally be announced on the forum as soon as they are known. The forum also provides details of how you can join a mailing list to be emailed about future launches.
Question: I finished a contest first, what do I get?
Answer: You get the opportunity to ask that question!
With regard to these contests, we think of the marathon as a good analogy: There will always be those whose sole aim is to finish first - by whatever means. However, kudos is earned by everyone who crosses the finish line, irrespective of their position.
Question: Finally, why on earth did you start this site?
Answer: The short answer to that is: to see if I could!
I also wanted to give something back to the puzzle community from which I have derived so much pleasure (and pain!) over the past few years. It is not intended to rival any other site, merely to provide you - the puzzler - with a little more choice.

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